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Your Counsellor Iolanda Rodino

Is an infertility counsellor and Clinical Psychologist in private practice who has worked in the field of Reproductive Medicine for many years. She consults to several Fertility clinics in Perth. Her practice is specialized in helping with the emotional, relationship and stressful challenges that occur when trying to achieve a pregnancy through assisted reproductive technology. As Iolanda has daily contact with clinic doctors, embryologists and nurses, she can also help you decide which clinic will best suit your medical, emotional and financial needs and has specific guidelines and a checklist on how to best be prepared for your first clinic appointment.

News December 2018

Study investigating views about payment and reimbursement for egg and sperm donors.

The aim of this study is investigate views about payment and reimbursement for egg and sperm donors. The study involves participants to anonymously fill in an online questionnaire that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Please note the study is only for Australian and New Zealand adult participants (i.e. this includes interested donor conceived adults, all ART past/present patients, donors and professionals who work in the field). Should you have any questions about this study please do not hesitate to contact me.


Australian Participants Click here for details or to participate New Zealand Participants Click here for details or to participate

Should you have any further questions about this study please do not hesitate to contact Iolanda Rodino: (Australia) or Sonja Goedeke (New Zealand)

Thank you for taking time to consider this study.

Announcement from Concept Fertility Centre - Reduced cost standard IVF package has been launched in Perth

A reduced cost Standard IVF package has been launched by Concept Fertility Centre in Subiaco, providing all couples with access to a Standard IVF or ICSI treatment procedure from $1200 out of pocket.

In the Standard program ART cycle management is streamlined in order to reduce the costs associated with the cycle without compromising the standard of care that is provided. Concept has carefully evaluated and streamlined stimulation, monitoring and laboratory protocols to reduce associated costs whilst ensuring that outcomes are not compromised.

To take advantage of the Standard ART program couples need to be eligible for Medicare rebates. The Standard program does not include blastocyst culture, assisted hatching, PGS/PGD or sperm retrieval procedures.

Getting Started
The first step is to get a referral from a GP to one of the Concept Fertility Specialists. The next step is to have the following tests done:

Concept can help arrange these tests for you. The third step is to make an appointment with a Concept Fertility Specialist. You will need to take your test results to this appointment.

For further information please contact Liz at Concept on 93822388”

New Recommeneded Book

Be Fertile with Your Infertility by Christine Bannan and Winnie Duggan is a resource for those walking the infertility journey, for their family and friends, for counsellors, celebrants, spiritual companions, clergy and health professionals working in the field of fertility. This book aims to help anyone facing infertility, in all its stages and forms, to access options for ceremony and ritual and hence to find their own creative way to a peaceful, accepting place for themselves.

Included are personal stories and examples of ceremony because they are not easily accessible in our current society. You can download the flyer and ordering information from the PerthIVF Forum or here

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