Infertility Counselling and Support

Most of us assume that one day we will have children and that it will be a natural and uncomplicated process. When this does not happen and creating a family becomes a medical matter, the struggle to conceive can create emotional and relationship challenges.

Infertility has been likened to a prolonged state of grief and whilst the losses of infertility are typically invisible to others, these losses may take their toll on many aspects of the couples relationships, social network and emotional well being. Losses may include:

A diagnosis of infertility can lead to many complex emotional responses which can be very overwhelming. Experiencing distressing emotions such as shock, anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, resentment, shame and isolation are not uncommon amongst people who have repeated failure to conceive.


Iolanda's practice is specialized in helping you deal with the emotional, relationship and stressful challenges that occur when trying to achieve a pregnancy through assisted reproductive technology. As Iolanda has daily contact with clinic doctors, embryologists and nurses she can also help you decide which clinic will best suit your medical, emotional and financial needs and has specific guidelines and a checklist on how to best be prepared for your first clinic appointment.

Specific to fertility treatment, there are 3 primary types of counselling offered by Iolanda: These include:

  1. Implications counselling - to assist you with understanding the general emotional processes of IVF/ICSI/IUI treatment or for any egg/sperm/embryo related treatment.
  2. Support counselling - to help you at a time of acute stress/crisis such as failed treatment.
  3. Therapeutic counselling - for ongoing therapy for issues such as stress, pregnancy loss, anxiety and depression.

Many clients will also see Iolanda:


To schedule a support counselling session or a general information session to prepare for your first IVF clinic consultation please contact her on 1300 1800 02 (cost of a local call).

At your first appointment in addition to providing comprehensive clinic specific information you will also receive the Fertility Emotional Assistance Resource Manual (F.E.A.R Manual).